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Senan Ebrahim
Chief Executive Officer
at Delfina
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2023 was a transformative year for all of us at Delfina. From our Texas launch in January to our National Institute of Child Health and Human Development award in December, we took our lifesaving Delfina Care product to the next level for thousands of pregnant patients.

We’re a data-driven company—so let’s look at the numbers. 

In 2023, we had:

5 times the number of patients enrolled in 2022—technically, 5.7x! We are continually expanding our service in California, Texas, and Minnesota, and will be launching Delfina Care in more states in 2024. 

4 scientific conferences where we presented Delfina’s intelligent pregnancy care model. In February, we presented research by our data science team on gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy at the Society for Maternal and Fetal Medicine conference. In May, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Isabel Fulcher spoke at the NIH Innovative Approaches to Maternal Health workshop, and then went on to present at the Mayo Clinic Platform conference in September, and the Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group meeting in October. Catch us in February for SMFM 2024 where we will share the latest innovations in pregnancy care!

3 new clinic sites in Texas with the Center for Women’s Health. In January, we began serving patients in Texas with our partners at the Center for Women’s Health. Scaling across three clinics in the greater Houston area, we are working with Texan patients and providers to give them access to continuous data insights about their pregnancy. Led by our Product team and supported by our Delfina Guides, serving patients in Texas has been the most rewarding experience of 2023.

2 strategic partnerships with Mayo Clinic and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. Our work with the Center for Women’s Health is only the beginning—as part of BCBSTX’s Special Beginnings® initiative, we are expanding our intelligent pregnancy care offering to more clinics, reaching more patients in one of the most underserved states for prenatal and postpartum care. With Mayo Clinic, we are enhancing our current maternal health offerings with evidence-based guidance and educational content developed by Mayo Clinic to create a personalized metabolic health program.

1 grant to develop dynamic machine learning models for hypertension during pregnancy. We were awarded the Small Business Innovation Research grant by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. This grant will enable us to bolster our current award-winning models for HDP by incorporating more information on blood pressure trajectories during pregnancy. 

Come back next week for a recap of the biggest maternal health news of 2023. To learn more about Delfina, contact us here.

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