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Intelligent pregnancy care for all.

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Delfina Care is the AI-powered maternal health solution enabling the earliest interventions for equitable pregnancy care and lower healthcare costs.

How Delfina Care works for you

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From your first prenatal appointment to your baby’s first birthday. We got you covered.

Discover a program that reflects the individuality of your pregnancy. Delfina Care offers support that adapts to you — from early pregnancy symptoms to postpartum recovery. Our diverse team including doulas, dietitians, and lactation counselors works with your doctor or midwife to support you.

Delfina means peace of mind at your fingertips

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Level up your patient engagement, clinical decision making, and practice efficiency.

With Delfina, your team can make timely and informed decisions about patient care with less work overall.
Delfina means peace of mind at their fingertips.

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Helping diverse families thrive.

Invest in the wellbeing of your members and lower your healthcare costs by offering access to cutting-edge, personalized, and culturally-sensitive care.
Delfina means peace of mind at their fingertips.

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How it Works

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Delfina App

We provide an immersive app with personalized patient education, telehealth to supplement traditional care, and health tracking through remote patient monitoring provided by Delfina.

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Provider Dashboard

Care teams gain access to continuous insights from our AI-driven Provider Dashboard, which integrates data from multiple sources to assess patient risk for pregnancy complications.

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Enhanced connection between provider and patient

Patients and providers are dually supported during pregnancy care: patients are reassured knowing their providers are in the loop, and providers are offered a comprehensive set of insights powered by AI.

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Join us in creating intelligent pregnancy care for all.

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