Mother and baby laying together in bed

Intelligent pregnancy care for all.

Mother and baby laying together in bed
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Introducing Delfina Care

Our dynamic, data-driven care management platform

Delfina Care is a comprehensive maternal health solution serving the diverse needs of pregnant people and their providers throughout pregnancy.

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Empowering clinicians to improve pregnancy outcomes

Our clinically validated AI algorithms enable providers to prevent pregnancy complications.

How Delfina Care works for you

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Personalizing care for each journey

Delfina supports you with personalized insights, connects you with a care team, and ensures accurate, equitable recommendations to keep you and your baby healthy.

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More efficiency, less energy

Our high-performing equitable AI system delivers near-instantaneous feedback—and algorithms never get tired.

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Helping working families thrive

We work with employers to offer specialized benefits for expecting parents and families to maximize employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Improving outcomes for your members

We supplement traditional health care plans with our unique AI-enabled offering, striving for a better care experience for all your pregnant members and their families.

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How it Works

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Delfina App

We provide an immersive app with personalized patient education, telehealth to supplement traditional care, and health tracking through remote patient monitoring provided by Delfina.

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Provider Dashboard

Care teams gain access to continuous insights from our AI-driven Provider Dashboard, which integrates data from multiple sources to assess patient risk for pregnancy complications.

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Enhanced connection between provider and patient

Patients and providers are dually supported during pregnancy care: patients are reassured knowing their providers are in the loop, and providers are offered a comprehensive set of insights powered by AI.

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Join us in creating intelligent pregnancy care for all.

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