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Delfina was created to alleviate the maternal and child health crisis.

Families continue to suffer from inadequate and inequitable maternal care access.

Delfina Care helps bridge the maternal health gap by standardizing access to quality care to enable better outcomes for families, while also reducing healthcare costs.

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Our Mission

To transform pregnancy care with equitable access to individualized insights and integrated systems that improve health outcomes.

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Our Vision

A safe, healthy and supported journey for every pregnancy.

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Our Commitment

Delfina is steadfast in our commitment to combat health inequity and racial disparities within maternal care. We are committed to creating data-driven and patient-centered pregnancy care for all patients.

Our Story

Our CEO Senan Ebrahim, MD, PhD worked with pregnant patients and their clinicians who were struggling to manage health challenges during pregnancy. One night he saw a mom lose her baby due to a stillbirth, witnessing one of the many devastating effects of the ongoing maternal health crisis. Motivated to build a world for healthier moms and babies, Senan joined forces with his two co-founders Priyanka and Ali to launch Delfina. They now lead a dedicated team of clinicians, engineers, scientists, and digital health experts, striving to build the future of intelligent pregnancy care that our patients deserve.

Why the name Delfina?

Delfina’s name and logo were inspired by Delphus, a Greek term with derivative names meaning “womb” and “dolphin.” After a memorable surf trip with a dolphin pod, we realized the strong relationships between dolphin mothers and their calves inspire our core mission at Delfina – to create equitable access to healthy outcomes for every mother and her child.

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