Beyond clicks: fostering meaningful engagement

Jessica Barra
VP of Product
at Delfina
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As a nurse practitioner by training, I’ve always loved the idea of helping people improve their health. When I discovered the field of product management, I realized I could help thousands of people at once by helping to create and deploy health technology. Now, as the Director of Product Operations, I get to bring our technology into our partner clinics and to the patients participating in Delfina. With Delfina, we’re closing the loop between patients and their care teams by facilitating easy symptom tracking and continuous analysis. But if our patients don’t log their symptoms, it all falls apart. So how can we keep patients engaged with the platform? 

The first thing we do is make sure the app is easy to use, functional, educational, and empowers our patients to participate in their pregnancy. We are constantly working to improve the app, taking patient feedback, looking at data trends, and consulting with user experience experts to make sure the app is the best it can be. When the app is intuitive, clear, and provides outstanding content, patients are more excited about using it.

Secondly, we initiated a program we call Pod Points. The Pod Points program was created to promote patient participation. Patients who participate frequently by uploading their metrics are the ones who will benefit the most from the Delfina program. A healthy pregnancy is the best prize of all, but we decided to sweeten the pot by allowing patients to earn points every time they enter a metric. At the end of their pregnancies, patients can redeem these points for gift cards. 

Another unique approach we use at Delfina is by providing one-on-one weekly meetings with doulas and group classes led by doulas, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and mental health therapists. These sessions teach patients about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, infant care, mental health during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and nutrition strategies tailored to pregnancy and postpartum. The classes provide education that empowers pregnant people to understand more about their bodies. Often, support like this is cost-prohibitive for many families. The one-to-one sessions and group classes are included as part of the Delfina program.

Our program is unique and we are able to help patients feel more connected to their providers. The more they participate and engage in Delfina, the better this connection is. I also believe people should feel empowered to participate in their health, including understanding what questions to ask their providers. With a platform like Delfina, patients are empowered to understand their pregnancies. What’s more, since their providers already have their data, our patients are able to use the often limited time they spend with their doctors asking questions and discussing their needs. The best way to take advantage of what Delfina Care has to offer is by participating in it! It’s on us to make sure that when our patients use Delfina Care, they keep coming back—every day, every week, or every pregnancy.

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