Pregnancy care that works for you.

An app designed for you to track your health and stay connected with your providers, keeping you and your baby safe during pregnancy.

Every pregnancy journey is unique

Delfina Care offers you and your care teams the tools to understand and monitor your pregnancy journey, creating personalized insights to improve your care experience.

Your Journey

Your Journey

We are here to support you through your entire care plan, offering you the tools to track your health, receive direct support from your providers, and better understand your pregnancy journey.

Your Care

We customize our product to meet the unique needs of your pregnancy and work with your providers to deliver the best care experience. Whether you have gestational diabetes or are a first-time parent, we facilitate personalized care plans to support your needs.

Your Data

Delfina Care continuously supports your pregnancy with data-driven care interventions, and reassures you when everything is healthy and normal. Your health data is stored safely and only shared with your care team with your permission.

How Delfina Care Works

Delfina, our pregnancy app, allows you to understand and monitor your pregnancy, all while connecting you directly with your health care providers.

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

Through your provider, employer, or health plan, you can download our pregnancy app and access:

Pregnancy Journal

Log your weight, mood, symptoms, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels with the click of a button. With your permission, your data is shared safely with only your care team.

Remote Monitoring

Delfina provides you with automatic weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, and glucometers to track your health, based on the recommendations of your provider.

Educational Content

Our content library, reviewed by our medical team, provides information about you and your baby and empowers you with tips to improve your health.

Delfina Guide Support

Our Delfina Guides are non-medical pregnancy coaches to support you during pregnancy via telehealth, ensuring you are not alone during your journey.  

Pregnant patients are supported by Delfina Care

“I’m glad I have someone like my Delfina Guide who can offer some guidance with the Delfina program - I really look forward to our weekly meetings!”

Patient, A&A Women’s Health

“Being able to track my pregnancy helps me feel engaged with my progress from week to week.”

Patient, A&A Women’s Health

“As someone who deals with anxiety, having the app and Delfina Guide as an extra resource gives me a lot of comfort.”

Patient, A&A Women’s Health

“I love this app because it helps me feel like I have direct access to my doctor and care team, especially in between my OB visits.”

Patient, A&A Women’s Health
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