Expanding Texas Pregnancy Care with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Priyanka Vaidya
Chief Product Officer
at Delfina
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On Oct. 19, we announced that we were collaborating with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas to tackle maternal health disparities in Texas together. As part of BCBSTX’s Special Beginnings®  initiative, we at Delfina will expand our intelligent pregnancy care offering to more clinics, reaching more patients in one of the most underserved states for prenatal and postpartum care.

As Delfina’s Chief Product Officer, I am incredibly excited for this opportunity deliver on the promise of our product to improve pregnancy outcomes for all. Our platform serves both pregnant patients and their care teams: Delfina Care uses cutting-edge AI-driven predictive technology to personalize care with our holistic offerings like group classes, one-on-one meetings with trained doulas who serve as our Delfina Guides, and OBGYN-curated educational materials.

At the Center for Women’s Health, a three-site clinic serving the greater Houston area, patients and providers have been using the Delfina Care app for almost a year. Our Texan patients get personalized support in both English and Spanish. For the providers at the Center for Women’s Health, Delfina Care provides access to centralized patient data and insights facilitated by our award-winning AI predictive models. With Delfina, providers are up-to-date on their patients’ health before they even walk through the door, freeing up time to answer patient questions and deepen the patient-provider relationship. 

Patients in Texas deserve access to better pregnancy care: nearly half of all counties in Texas are maternity care deserts, meaning that there are no hospitals or birth centers in the county that offer obstetric care. March of Dimes gave Texas a preterm birth rate grade of D-, and the preterm birth rate for Black women is 41% higher than the average rate in the state. Delfina’s telehealth services can reach more pregnant people in rural areas, empowering them to access consistent prenatal care earlier, and for more months, during their pregnancies. 

More than just increased access and support, Delfina’s AI models help predict and prevent the pregnancy complications that too many Texans suffer from. Our models perform equitably across racial groups, and were recognized by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development for their innovation in predictive hypertensive disorders like preeclampsia, and for addressing racial disparities in healthcare.

By collaborating with BCBSTX, we can get our lifesaving product in the hands of many more patients. With their support as a leading healthcare organization in Texas, we will introduce Delfina Care for more people in Texas, enhance our product offering, and engage more deeply with Texas community organizations and OBGYN practices. If you work at an OBGYN clinic in Texas and want to explore Delfina Care for your patients, contact us.

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