Delfina Care launches at the Center for Women's Health in Houston, TX

Senan Ebrahim
Chief Executive Officer
at Delfina
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We are launching Delfina Care this week at the Center for Women’s Health in Houston! Building on our successful partnership with A&A Women’s Health in California, we are eager to expand Delfina Care to support Texas patients. We believe that in Houston, our intelligent pregnancy care platform will foster closer patient-provider engagement to drive better pregnancy outcomes. 

Despite having some of the best hospitals in the world, the United States has the highest rate of maternal mortality among developed nations– more than three times the rate in most other high-income countries. Texas in particular is facing above-average and worsening rates of adverse pregnancy outcomes: The March of Dimes 2022 Report Card gives Texas a D- in terms of its maternal and infant health, and Harris county received an F. By launching in Houston, we aim to intervene in the maternal health crisis by providing data-driven, centralized, and personalized care to patients in Texas and across the U.S.

“Working to create predictive models for pregnant patients, I have seen how data-driven approaches can transform patient care,” says Senan Ebrahim, MD, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Delfina. “Our approach to proactively developing personalized care plans driven by a patient’s full data story enables us to serve diverse patients. We are excited to bring this approach to serve thousands of pregnant patients in Houston.”

Dr. Cynthia I. Rios, MD, FACOG, at the Center for Women’s Health is enthusiastic about the partnership. Dr. Rios treats many patients with high-risk conditions like preeclampsia, and believes in Delfina’s capacity to improve pregnancy outcomes: “People are so much sicker these days, this program has the potential to really make a difference.” 

Our Delfina team (Clinical Product Operations Manager Jessica Barra and Lead Delfina Guide Denise Bernard) in Houston with Dr. C Funsho Fagbohun MD, PhD, FACOG, FACS and Dr. Cynthia I. Rios MD, FACOG)
Our Delfina team (Clinical Product Operations Manager Jessica Barra and Lead Delfina Guide Denise Bernard) in Houston with Dr. C Funsho Fagbohun, MD, PhD, FACOG, FACS and Dr. Cynthia I. Rios, MD, FACOG.

The Center for Women’s Health is a full service obstetric and gynecologic practice serving women of all ages at four clinics in the greater Houston area. Gynecology services range from comprehensive well-woman exams to complex diagnostic workups. The Center for Women’s Health provides unparalleled obstetric care, guiding patients through their pregnancies and beyond. 

At the Center for Women’s Health, Delfina Care will facilitate deeper relationships between patients and their providers to improve outcomes. Patients in Delfina Care are given glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, and weight scales to assist them in tracking their health. When patients update their symptoms within the app, the data is routed to their providers, making it easy for providers to stay in the loop. 

Delfina Care features educational content, checklists, and personalized reminders to encourage patient engagement. Delfina Care also gives users access to our Delfina Guides, trained doulas who serve as non-clinical contacts during pregnancy. 

At Delfina, our mission is to create a safe, healthy, and supported journey for every pregnancy. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our intelligent pregnancy care platform with even more patients and providers in Houston. If you are a provider or health plan looking to make a measurable impact on maternal health outcomes with data-driven care, join us

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