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Together we can solve the maternal health crisis with cutting-edge,
AI-driven solutions.

The state of pregnancy care needs to change

Despite high costs of pregnancy care in the United States, maternal health has not improved.

~8% of pregnancies are complicated by hypertensive disorder of pregnancy, up 6% per year

~10% of pregnancies coincide with diabetes, up 30% since 2016

>2.2M women of childbearing age live in maternity deserts, where access to  adequate care is severely limited

~20% of pregnant women suffer from mood or anxiety disorders, but most do not receive sufficient treatment

Delfina Care is driving change

Delfina Care is an integrated pregnancy data platform for patients and providers that enables earlier interventions and continuous care based on each patient’s data.

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Our platform incorporates data from the pregnant user, their electronic health records, and remote monitoring provided by Delfina, ultimately facilitating real-time interactions, guidance, and individualized support from provider to patient.

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Providers receive data-driven patient insights to enable earlier intervention, delivering healthier pregnancy outcomes at a lower cost.

Improved outcomes by partnering with Delfina

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Continuous assessment for pregnancy complications to inform providers and enable early intervention

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Remote patient monitoring to help manage conditions and keep care teams informed about patient health

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Telehealth to supplement traditional in-person care, with Delfina Guides and pregnancy specialist providers

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Educational content to empower mothers to take ownership of their pregnancy care, in & out of the provider’s office

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Continuous provider updates curated for efficient patient triage, increased operational efficiency, and optimized care

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Patient app with health tracking to drive engagement in-between visits

Delfina Care is

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Delfina Care is free for pregnant patients

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Delfina Care saves time for both patients and care teams without cutting corners, reducing unnecessary spend and burden

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Mutually Beneficial

Delfina Care keeps providers informed with key updates for intelligent triage, creating a holistic view of their patients between visits

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Culturally Competent

Delfina Care is focused on equitably improving pregnancy outcomes through population-specific customization

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Within Reach

Delfina Care is already empowering patients & providers in the US

Delfina Care ensures improved cost savings and patient outcomes

"Delfina Care's unique data science capabilities in combination with its enhanced patient engagement platform create a perfectly integrated solution for pregnancy care. We are excited about Delfina's ability to impact quality and total costs of the pregnancy journey."

Health Plan COO

The Delfina difference for your health plan

At Delfina, we’ve introduced a new model of care, the first in obstetrics, in which software continuously supports patients with personalized care plans to achieve better outcomes through preventative care.

Benefits for Health Plans

Improved care for pregnant patients with risks related to diabetes, hypertension, postpartum mental health, and fetal well-being

Reduced cost of care with lower NICU and maternal hospitalization rates with improved pregnancy outcomes

Increased provider efficiency to enable higher patient volume with a focus on high-yield time

Together we will enable safer, healthier pregnancies.

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