Delfina joins Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate

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We are proud to announce that we are joining Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate! This Mayo Clinic program offers Delfina valuable expertise in data science, software development and regulatory best practices, in order to further our shared aim of improving healthcare through personalized, data-derived insights. Our joint focus with Mayo Clinic will be to hone our machine learning models and to clinically validate our technology to render individualized care throughout pregnancy.

Mayo Clinic has long been a pioneer in obstetrics innovation. OB Nest, Mayo’s innovative virtual prenatal care platform for low-risk patients, is a harbinger for the future of comprehensive, personalized, and accessible care. Our data science team, led by Dr. Isabel Fulcher, has been learning from the Mayo Clinic obstetrics team, led by Dr. Regan Theiler, as we explore how to build and validate predictive models in pregnancy care. We look forward to joining forces with Mayo Clinic, a global leader in clinical obstetrics, to make continuous and dynamic risk management the gold standard in pregnancy care.

We are grateful for the opportunity to benefit from Mayo Clinic’s wide breadth of expertise, and to partner with them in improving both access to pregnancy care and maternal health outcomes. Thank you, Mayo Clinic, for partnering with us to realize our vision for a safe, healthy, and supported journey for every pregnancy.

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