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Attalia Gray
SVP of Growth

Attalia Gray

With over a decade of experience at UnitedHealthcare, Onduo by Verily, and the virtual primary care startup Firefly Health, Attalia brings a distinctive perspective to the role of SVP of Growth at Delfina. In her role, she focuses on elevating market visibility, building brand recognition, and driving revenue growth through cross-functional collaborations.

Attalia, a multiethnic woman (she/her), is rooted in African American and Native American (Osage Nation) heritage. Her background includes doula training and a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Women's Studies from Spelman College, aligning her passions with Delfina's mission of providing intelligent pregnancy care for all. Attalia also earned an International MBA and most recently completed Harvard Medical School's Global Healthcare Leaders Program.

Outside her professional endeavors, Attalia has traveled through 50 countries, scaled Mount Kilimanjaro, and previously taught pilates as a pastime.

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