OBGYN listens to a fetus' heartbeat at a patients prenatal appointment.

Optimize your patients’ maternal healthcare between office visits

Our digital solution combines data from the pregnant person, your care team, and remote monitoring to deliver personalized care.

What our Delfina moms say

Black woman who is pregnant and used Delfina.

I am thankful for the Delfina app because it really helps ease the nerves about my pregnancy.

Patient, A&A Women’s Health

Pregnant patient who used Delfina's app and loved it.

Having the ability to track my BP in between visits lets my doctor know my BP trends and eliminates going back to the hospital.

Patient, A&A Women’s Health


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    RPM data at your fingertips

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    Prioritize at-risk patients

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    A patient-friendly mobile app yielding highly engaged, happier patients

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    Predictive ML models, flagging patients likely to develop pregnancy complications

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    Certified doulas and educational classes for your patients

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Say goodbye to busy work by letting technology do your note-taking.

$300/mo. per provider

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    Ambient-AI technology to automatically generate clinical notes

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    EHR write back

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What our Delfina Providers Say

My patient used Delfina to communicate her preeclampsia symptoms and was very compliant with her inputting her blood pressure values. Delfina Care was instrumental in managing her case appropriately.

Dr. Norman Lamberty, A&A Women's Health
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