Our favorite parent-fluencers of 2023

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As a pregnancy care startup, we take inspiration from the joys and struggles of parenthood. We are constantly adapting Delfina Care to ensure that we’re best serving parents’ needs, and what better way to do that than keeping up with some of our favorite families? 

Here are some parent-fluencers that we’ve been following in 2023. 

Danielle Jones (MamaDoctorJones)

Dr. Jones is an OBGYN and mom of four, and she’s an incredible source for all things reproductive health. From debunking birth control myths to sharing pieces of her life as a mom, @mamadoctorjones is a fantastic, evidence-based resource for anyone who wants to learn more about pregnancy, parenting, and everything in between. 

Glen Henry 

Glen Henry, also known as Beleaf, is a father of four and an entrepreneur. He’s hoping to inspire other dads with an image of what real fatherhood can be, and to teach life lessons to his children and his followers along the way.  He’s also raising money to launch a kids’ puppet show, what he calls the Black Sesame Street. We will certainly be tuning in! 

Carrie Colbert

She’s a mom, she’s a founder, she’s helping get women-led companies off of the ground… need we say more? If you’re interested in what it’s like to be a woman in business, look no further than Carrie Colbert. Carrie founded Curate Capital to help women-led companies get funding. Look to her IG for relatable mom moments, financial advice, a pop of color—no #sadbeigebabies here! 

Rachel Nicks

Speaking of super moms, Rachel Nicks wears a lot of crowns: she’s an actor, a doula, a lactation counselor, a fitness instructor, and of course, a mom! She’s also the founder of Birth Queen, a non-profit that trains and supports Black parents and birth workers to intervene in the Black maternal mortality crisis. 

Julie and Camilla

Julie and her wife Camilla have been through a lot on their pregnancy journey, and are now the mothers of a little baby boy. Julie shared their resiliency in the face of struggles with multiple rounds of IVF and the loss of a pregnancy on TikTok and Instagram, and struck a chord with many parents who had been through the same thing. From whimsical home renovations to postpartum diaries, we love the vulnerability and authenticity of Julie and Camilla’s channel.

Through advice, resources, inspiration, and relatable content, we looked to these parent-fluencers for guidance in 2023. Who should we keep an eye on 2024? DM us @delfinacare on all platforms.

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