How AI-driven care can ease provider burnout

Bonnie Zell
Chief Medical Officer
at Delfina
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Many providers across the country have been trying to navigate burnout: for providers at Kaiser Permanente, their burnout was so severe that they went on strike in the tens of thousands, saying that understaffing was affecting patient care. When providers aren’t able to handle patient need, they become burned out and overworked, and both patients and providers suffer. 

New technology can help ease this burnout. Sometimes, improving efficiency comes at the cost of patient-provider relationships: short appointment times leave patients feeling unheard, and gives providers a narrower understanding of their patients’ wellbeing. But with AI-enabled care, providers can gain a clearer picture of their patients’ evolving symptoms throughout their pregnancy with less effort, freeing up time during appointments for providers to connect more deeply with patients. 

Let’s break down how our AI-driven platform, Delfina Care, makes providers’ lives easier.

Unlike other pregnancy care platforms, Delfina has created validated predictive models that are on the forefront of data-driven care. Our models analyze data from electronic health records, patient entry, and remote patient monitoring devices to create a much clearer picture of patients’ health than with the traditional standard of care.

These models also enable providers to intervene early, before challenges become complications. Rather than waiting for symptoms or testing later in the pregnancy, providers that partner with Delfina receive a continuous stream of data as their patients’ pregnancies evolve. This enables providers to make better recommendations earlier. 

Patients and providers both have their own version of the bidirectional Delfina Care app. Patients enter symptoms daily, and can also access educational content, and connect with their Delfina Guides: trained doulas who coach patients virtually through their pregnancies and postpartum. Patients also get easy referrals to in-app telehealth specialists like nutritionists, lactation consultants and mental health professionals.

On the provider end, clinicians can easily view their Provider Dashboard. The Provider Dashboard gives providers access to all of their patients’ data, along with evidence-based recommendations from Delfina’s predictive models. Providers also receive a notification when the models have discovered something within the patient’s symptoms that warrants more attention. Delfina also works with practices to integrate Delfina Care into their workflow, and is in frequent communication with the entire team: medical assistants, nurses, and everyone involved in patient care.

This data updates continuously: Instead of relying on appointments that only occur a few times during pregnancy, providers remain up-to-date with their patient’s symptoms with less effort. That way, when providers connect with your patients at their prenatal appointments, they can use that time to forge an even deeper bond and answer every burning question. 

Delfina’s goal is to augment the patient-provider relationship, not to interfere with it. Every decision about a patient’s care still belongs to the provider. Delfina will help providers catch complications early, make the most informed recommendations, and monitor patients’ adherence once the provider have recommended a care plan. The Delfina Care app makes patient care more efficient, not more complicated. 

Through all of these efforts, Delfina closes the loop: by gathering and analyzing different patient data streams, facilitating telehealth appointments with other members of the care team, and enabling providers to apply the right interventions at the right time, Delfina is centralizing every aspect of the pregnancy journey on one platform. With Delfina, providers can avoid burnout while still getting a detailed picture of their patients’ health. 

To improve maternal health outcomes, Delfina is building a new model of care that is closed-loop, customized, and continuous. Connect with us at to learn more.

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