Exploring the maternal health crisis with the tech.mn podcast

Senan Ebrahim
Chief Executive Officer
at Delfina
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Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Skjong on The tech.mn Podcast to discuss my entrepreneurship journey, maternal and child health in Minnesota, and how Delfina is working to transform pregnancy care for all.

The United States is facing a maternal health crisis that disproportionately affects Black and Brown people. Racial disparities in maternal health outcomes are particularly stark in Minnesota. Only 6.4% and 2% of Minnesotans are Black and Indigenous respectively, while they represent 27% of maternal deaths in the state.

Delfina aims to create a world where all pregnancy journeys are safe, healthy, and supported. With our data-driven Delfina Care platform, we enable continuous data integration, incorporating data from pregnant users, their electronic health records, and remote monitoring, ultimately facilitating bi-directional interactions, guidance, and support between provider and patient. By combating the siloed nature of data in pregnancy care, Delfina Care offers providers relevant clinical information to streamline their clinical workflows and provide better care to their patients.

On the podcast, I was also proud to share Delfina’s accessibility: our platform is free for all patients, while our institutional partners derive maximal value via Delfina’s anticipated cost savings from the reduction in hospital visits and NICU stays.

To hear more about what Delfina is building, checkout The tech.mn Podcast on all streaming platforms, Episode titled “Addressing The Maternal Health Crisis: Dr. Senan Ebrahim Of Delfina.”

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