Delfina launches pregnancy care platform to address maternal health crisis

Senan Ebrahim
Chief Executive Officer
at Delfina
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA /PRNewswire/ – Despite advances in care, the US continues to have the highest maternal mortality rate among developed nations. Data-driven pregnancy care platform Delfina believes they will change this by bringing their transformative data platform to millions of pregnant patients across the country and eventually the world. Today, Delfina announced a $5 million raise, led by Story Ventures, to support the launch of a clinical pilot at A&A Women’s Health.

“Data in pregnancy care is especially fragmented which has led to its limited use in past decades,” said Dr. Senan Ebrahim, Founder and CEO of Delfina. “From my MD-PhD work in neuroscience creating predictive models, I have seen how utilizing data in new ways can improve patient care. Our approach to unifying and proactively analyzing pregnancy data will enable us to make true progress improving health outcomes for moms and babies.” Alongside Dr. Ebrahim, Delfina’s leadership team includes former Google tech lead Dr. Ali Ebrahim as CTO and longtime health tech leader Priyanka Vaidya as Chief Product Officer.

“Delfina’s data platform stands out by rigorously predicting pregnancy risks while centering the patient experience,” said Story Ventures Partner Jacob Yormak. “This approach uniquely positions Delfina to reduce healthcare costs while delivering better outcomes. We are excited to join Delfina in building the future of pregnancy care.”

Delfina Care monitors health data, predicts optimal workflows, and integrates health data sources to facilitate personalized pregnancy care. This approach has generated enthusiasm from experienced OBGYN providers like Dr. Norman Lamberty, CEO of A&A Women’s Health, who is implementing Delfina Care. He said, “We are thrilled to partner with Delfina and use their innovative technology to take the best possible care of our pregnant patients. With Delfina Care, we can better understand the risk profiles of our patients and more efficiently achieve better outcomes for all.”

In addition to Story Ventures, VC funds including SemperVirens VC, Bread & Butter Ventures, Goodwater Capital, MIT E14 Fund, Metrodora VC, SpringTime Ventures, Boutique Ventures, Matchstick Ventures and more participated in Delfina’s capital raise, alongside angel investors including former CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao and former Facebook Head of VR Hugo Barra.

“Delfina’s approach has tremendous potential to democratize access to better health care and better outcomes for moms and babies by shifting care from reliance on 100% manual review to leveraging data and scalable tech,” said Mary Grove, Managing Partner at Bread & Butter Ventures. “Senan, Priyanka, and Ali are the team to do it and couldn’t be better suited to build this from Minnesota and Silicon Valley. We look forward to supporting them and the families they will serve for years to come.”


Delfina is a company creating a patient-centered and data-driven approach to pregnancy care. The Delfina Care platform uses proprietary predictive models to help care teams understand the risk profiles of patients and optimize care plans to improve maternal and child health outcomes. Delfina's software monitors patient health data and coordinates with care teams so that providers can personalize care for all birthing people and their families.


Story Ventures is a pre-seed and seed-stage venture capital fund focused on the automation of manual processes in legacy industries. This thesis spans the data stack, including data capture (i.e. sensors), data aggregation (i.e. APIs), and data application (i.e. machine learning). Story invests across domains, with a concentration in healthcare, industrial automation, transportation, and logistics.


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