Building a better model of connected care: Delfina partners with South Country Health Alliance

Jessica Barra
VP of Product
at Delfina
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There is an urgent need for accessible, equitable maternal healthcare in the U.S. For every 100,000 live births, there are 23.8 maternal deaths—the highest out of any high-income nation. What’s more, Black women are nearly twice as likely as white women to receive late or no prenatal care, and Native women are four times as likely. 

Women who live in rural areas bear the brunt of these issues, many of whom live in “maternity care deserts.” In these deserts, access to OBGYNs is severely limited or nonexistent. Up to 6.9 million women and nearly 500,000 births nationwide are affected by this absence of care. 

A connected model of care could be the solution. That’s why Delfina is partnering with South Country Health Alliance, a county-based health plan that serves 8 distinct counties in Minnesota. Of the counties served by South Country, most are rural: 25% offer low or moderate access to OBGYN care.

Delfina and South Country share the goal of expanding access to personalized, culturally competent care to parents and families in Minnesota—no matter where they live or what language they speak. 

Delfina is a personalized, AI-driven care platform that connects pregnant individuals with health education, empowerment, and resources through an easy-to-use mobile app. Patients track their health metrics and symptoms on the app, and if needed, are provided free connected monitoring devices like scales to manage their health. Delfina’s AI models will tell you if a symptom requires emergency medical attention, or whether it’s in a safe range for you and your baby. 

Unlike other platforms that may provide individual elements of Delfina’s services—telehealth, education, health tracking—we’re the only solution that offers a fully connected experience. We’re partnering with South Country because they also understand the value of connection. South Country closes the gap with CareConnect, where local nurses, social workers, and practitioners work with communities to provide both medical and social support. 

“Health for everyone involves more than infrequent healthcare interactions. It manifests through the context and circumstances of each individual's situation. We now have the opportunity to inquire, understand and connect in specific ways with each patient to individualize support and interventions with respect for their particular needs.” said Dr. Bonnie Zell, Delfina’s Chief Medical Officer. “Delfina is a novel bundle of interventions that will support all aspects of the patient’s pregnancy journey and improve outcomes for families and their healthcare providers.”

With Delfina, members don’t have to Google late into the night trying to identify a symptom—they have OBGYN-reviewed educational materials right at their fingertips. And members always have access to Delfina Guides, who are non-clinical supports to help patients navigate the app, and are all trained doulas who can provide affirmation and comfort. The Delfina Guides are accessible through telehealth—as are nutritionists and behavioral health specialists, who are only a click away. 

Delfina connects moms with their babies, their care teams, and themselves—regardless of their geographical location. A connected care experience like the one we’re embarking on with South Country allows us to reach the patients in underserved communities who need us the most. 

If you want to try Delfina for your pregnancy, don’t be afraid to reach out! To learn more about South Country Health Alliance, visit their website

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