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We are thrilled to announce that Attalia Gray has joined Delfina as our SVP of Growth. 

Attalia is no stranger to the healthcare industry. Throughout her decade-long journey, she has consistently demonstrated her unique ability to unlock the full potential of health tech solutions to drive true population-level results. She brings an invaluable and distinct perspective to the table, which makes her the perfect fit for this pivotal role at Delfina.

In her new position as SVP of Growth, Attalia will drive our strategic initiatives, leading us to explore new opportunities and expand into new markets. We are already looking forward to the innovative ideas and transformative strategies she has planned.

Throughout her career, Attalia has pushed to move the needle in U.S. healthcare and transform the system from volume-based to value-based. Health equity is the cornerstone of Attalia’s work. She last pursued this passion at Firefly Health, a virtual-first integrated delivery health system. Before Firefly, Attalia worked at Onduo by Verily to bring better care management to people with chronic illness using the transformative power of technology. 

Attalia’s dedication to bringing person-first, digital healthcare to all brought her to Delfina. In her new role, she will elevate Delfina’s market visibility, build brand recognition, and drive revenue growth through cross-functional collaborations. 

For Attalia, Delfina’s mission of bringing connected, AI-optimized pregnancy care to all hits close to home. Outside of her work experience, Attalia is also a trained doula. After studying Comparative Women’s Studies at Spelman College, she was motivated to learn how to support women and all pregnant people through their journeys. We’re excited to have Attalia bring this passion to Delfina, where we’re raising the bar for what pregnancy care can look like for birthing people of all backgrounds.  

As a multiethnic woman, Attalia also recognizes the importance of bringing quality pregnancy care to communities that most need it. Attalia is rooted in African American and Native American (Osage Nation) heritage and cares deeply about health equity. The maternal health crisis affects Black and Native American women the most: the maternal mortality rate for Black women is nearly 3x that of white women, and is nearly twice as high for Native Americans. We must act now to stop preventable deaths and disproportionate adverse pregnancy outcomes. 

Delfina is thrilled to add someone with Attalia’s passion for transforming healthcare and savvy business acumen to the team. With over a decade of experience in the industry, an International MBA, and recognition from Harvard Medical School's Global Healthcare Leaders Program, Attalia is primed to take Delfina to the next level. 

“Attalia is an innovative growth leader and proven expert on making digital health technologies accessible to all,” said Senan Ebrahim, CEO of Delfina. “I am thrilled to partner with Attalia to bring Delfina's lifesaving technology to families around the world.”

Welcome aboard, Attalia!

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