A deep dive on the future of pregnancy care with Angel Invest Boston

Priyanka Vaidya
Chief Product Officer
at Delfina
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Senan and I recently sat down with Sal Daher on Angel Invest Podcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing world-changing technology startups. Together, we discussed how Delfina is supporting pregnant patients through innovative technology.

As we share with Sal, we are dedicated to solving the maternal health crisis in the United States and eventually around the world. Overall pregnancy-related mortality in the United States occurs at an average rate of 17.2 deaths per 100,000 live births—a ratio more than double that of most other developed nations. After witnessing a stillbirth during his time at Harvard Medical School, Senan reached out to me and his brother, Ali, with the idea of Delfina.

On the podcast, I shared my experience with a challenging pregnancy after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. When faced with this new complication, I was alarmed by the lack of coordination between my nutritionist and OB-GYN, experiencing firsthand the discontinuity of pregnancy care. With Delfina Care, we are reimagining what a smoothly integrated pregnancy care experience can be for pregnant patients facing these complications.

When data about a pregnant patient’s nutrition, mental health, and medical history are missing or siloed, it is easy for critical insights to be overlooked. We endeavor to solve this problem by integrating all data sources into a single machine learning engine to facilitate better pregnancy care by clinicians.

While on the topic of pregnancy risks, we brought up racial disparities in maternal health outcomes, sharing how Black women in the U.S. are 2-3x more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications and that the risk multiple is up to 8x for Native women. With the app’s remote nature and low costs, Delfina Care aims to support patients with historically higher risks of pregnancy complications–embracing our mission of building intelligent pregnancy healthcare for all.

Additionally, we announced the launch of Delfina Care at a private practice in Southern California and detailed the next steps for iteratively building our product. Sal also asked us about the company’s origin and how telehealth’s rapid rise during the COVID-19 pandemic inspired the company.

To hear our story and learn how Delfina is transforming pregnancy care – and how Senan’s surf trip to North Carolina sparked the company name – check out the podcast Angel Invest Boston on all podcast streaming platforms, Episode titled: “Senan Ebrahim, MD, and Priyanka Vaidya - Delfina: Safer Pregnancies.”

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